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 Metal Is Teh Win Autopsy Report

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PostSubject: Metal Is Teh Win Autopsy Report   Metal Is Teh Win Autopsy Report Icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 2:56 pm

Time of death: 2200 hours. June 1st 2008 (Estimated)

Suspicious circumstances: None

Autopsy Report: Metal Is Teh Win forums suffered what is commonly known as a postiong drought, or lackus postilerias.
The life was sucked from the forum as no new posts were posted, and thus the members had nothing to reply in, couldn't be arsed to make original threads, and therefore a drought insued.

Suspected reasons for this drought, are exam pressure, lack of conversation, and of course, the distraction that is 4chan.

All of the above played a large part in the eventual demise of Metal Is Teh Win, just after it turned into a strongly opinionated metal elitist war.

A combination of arrogance, ignorance and a God Complex, lead all the members to believe in some sort of sick hierachy, each placing them above other members.

The constant barrage of genrisation by the super-mod, lead to conflicting ideals in the forum, and spirits ran high.

However, when people started to post less and less, everyone got bored, and left.

Goodbye Metal Is Teh Win, you probably won't be missed.


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Metal Is Teh Win Autopsy Report
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